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not put up any web pages yet. Log files are placed in /var/log/lighttpd, and will be rotated weekly. CGI scripts are looked for in /usr/lib/cgi-bin, which is where Debian packages will place their scripts. You should replace this page with your own web pages as soon as possible. About this page, this is a placeholder page installed by the Debian release of the.

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If you find a bug in this Lighttpd package, or in Lighttpd itself, please rencontre ch gratuit manage file a bug report. Unless you changed its configuration, your new server is configured as follows: Configuration files can be found in /etc/lighttpd. Please come back later. The DocumentRoot, which is the directory under which all your html files should exist, is set to /var/www. Please do not contact the Debian Project about.

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    You should replace this page. Unless you changed its configuration.

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